In Case Of An Accident

What To Do If You Have Been In An Accident

You Have Just Been Involved In An Accident!

Accidents can happen quickly when you are driving. It is not a pleasant thought, but unfortunately it happens – even to the best drivers. What happens afterwards is up to you. Many people believe that since their insurance company is paying the bill, the decisions should be left up to them.

The truth is: It is your money the insurance company will spend to pay for your repairs. You pay premiums every month and count on the insurance company to be there for you. It is YOUR money! It is YOUR car! YOU make the decisions!

Follow These Five Steps After An Accident

You may experience many different reactions after a car accident, but it is vital to keep a clear head. These 5 steps could reduce the risk of further damage or injury, prevent hassles, and save your money later on. You might want to keep this list in your glove compartment.

1. SAFETY FIRST. Do not move the vehicles. Turn on flashers, stand at a safe distance from the vehicles while you talk to other drivers and wait for help.
2. ARE YOU INJURED? Check yourself and your passengers to make sure no one is hurt. Even a minor fender bender can cause injury that is not noticeable immediately. 
3. CALL THE AUTHORITIES. Call the Police, especially if there has been substantial damage or anyone is injured or acting confrontational. Ask for the officer’s name, phone number, and case number. A police report is usually ready within 2 days of the accident. 
4. RECORD THE SCENE. If possible, take photos of the scene or draw a diagram showing the car’s position.
5. CALL LONE STAR COLLISION CENTERIf your vehicle is in non-drivable and must be towed: Request it to be towed to Lone Star Collision Center.

If the vehicle can be driven, call Clay or Kristi at 903-785-1281We will guide you through the next steps of getting your vehicle repaired quickly and safely!
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